The Naughton Company


The most important thing to know about the internet is not to depend on the internet to get you business. The internet is a tool just like your fax machine or your phone. Just the same way your fax machine will never work unless you give out your fax number, neither will you sell or lease property on the web if you don't give out your Web address.

With that in mind, we have outlined a few, brief but effective tips which we believe will help you start doing business on the Web today.

E-Mail - Probably the most revolutionary tool to hit the Real Estate industry since the building. E-Mail combines the speed of a fax, with the quality of offset printing. Simply select a specific property, or your entire web site, and e-mail them directly to interested prospects, or to an entire broker data base. Listings arrive in full color, and have no limitations as to content (photos, floor plans, site plans, maps, demographics, etc.)

The postage savings alone justifies itself, and it allows the recipient to view the property at his or her convenience; from wherever they like. The recipient can then forward which ever part of the e-mail they like to one or more additional parties, with absolutely no degradation in quality whatsoever.

The e-mail stays on the recipients computer so when they decide to call you back, both you and the recipient are viewing the listing at the same time, while talking on the phone.

This high level of sophistication being conveyed to recipients is the same high level professionalism that will be conveyed when soliciting for property listings. It would be very difficult for the lessor or seller not to appreciate a broker's ability to provide instantaneous response time, specific selection or global saturation of properties, and continuous availability, combined with professional personal salesmanship. Start adding e-mail to your existing database.

Faxing - The internet today is the same way faxing was not too long ago; but just because a recipient doesn't yet have internet access, doesn't mean you can't use CommercialRE to reach them. Just select the property(s) you would like to send; download them, copy to your computer, and then fax them directly to the various recipients. Professionally designed brochures on the recipient's desk at the push of a button.

Web Address - We place a lot of emphasis on our web address for two reasons: first, it is a direct reflection of the industry you are in, and secondly, it's easy to remember

Even if a prospect or client forgets your name, you can easily be found simply by using our patented search engine. You can be found through a property or broker search. Give out the web address as often as possible. The sooner people get acclimated to CommercialRE the more productive your web site will be.

24/7 Availability - All of your marketing material is available to the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even if your office is closed, interested parties can download information or leave an e-mail message at any time. Put as much content to the market as possible, and tout this significant advantage.