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Q: What is CommercialRE?

A: CommercialRE is the premeir presentation/locator service for commercial real estate on the World Wide Web. CommercialRE gives you the opportunity to have an instant web site which includes a FREE expandable personal company web address, followed by all of your listings. It also lets you place an unlimited number of your property listings in the very place where people will tend to look first when they are looking for commercial real estate on the internet.

Q: What else can I do with CommercialRE?

A: There are many ways that CommercialRE can help you build your business while saving you time, legwork, hassles and money! Here are some examples:
  • Save Legwork. While on the phone with a prospect, both of you can be viewing properties in full color at the same time. You can also e-mail or fax the listings to help him or her narrow down choices before you go look at properties.

  • Qualify Prospects. By letting prospects view your listings on-line, or sending listings to them from CommercialRE, you will tend to work more with prospects who are better informed and more qualified. And that helps you use your time much more efficiently.

  • Multiply Your Efforts. You can e-mail your web site and all your listings from CommercialRE to an unlimited number of other individuals, without paying anything for postage or paper! Terrific exposure!

Q: How do I know people will find me on CommercialRE?

A: The most important thing to know about the internet is not to depend on the internet to get you business. The internet is a tool just like your fax machine or your phone. It is a tool to post all of your listings, but it's your job to direct people to those listings. However, for the segment of people who ramdomly search for an internet site, CommercialRE is an "industry or category name". This means that it is one of the names people will look at first when they are looking for commercial real estate on the internet (just as you might look under the category of real estate in the yellow pages). It also becomes your domain name which is a direct reflection of your industry. We also promote the site nationally, via advertising, direct mail and telemarketing.

In addition, our exclusive patented search engine, will find the prospects who have the requirements that fit your listings and bring them right to your site. Only CommercialRE can find properties by radius, direction and/or distance from a city.

Q: What will my listings look like on CommercialRE?

A: You actually have three viewings:

First, you have a thumbnail photo followed by a text description of a property, with links to your company information, and to the expanded property section.

The second viewing is an expanded property section with larger photos, floor plans, site plans, maps, and text descriptions.

For a third viewing option, you can post a customized, property sheet, (PDF) complete with photos, site plans, floor plans, and more, that anyone can then print out.

At CommercialRE we have a high-quality professional design staff who will be happy to work with you, if you desire, in customizing your on-line listings.

Q: I am not a hi-tech person. Do I have to learn a lot about computers or the internet to work with CommercialRE?

A: Not at all. As fellow Real Estate people, we took painstaking efforts to make this web site as easy as possible to use. If its not, please let us know.

Q: I've seen other people put their web address on their business cards or ads. Will I be able to do that?

A: Absolutely. Your web address will be: "" and you can put it on stationery, brochures, business cards, advertising, whatever you like.

Q: How much will it cost?

A: Only $15.00/mo. Which includes a FREE web address, and a FREE expandable web site on CommercialRE.

Q: Wouldn't I be better off just creating my own web site and home page? Why do I need CommercialRE?

A: There are several things to consider when you think about creating your own web site.

First, it will take a good deal of time. With CommercialRE, you can get started immediately.

Second, when you create your own web site, you will be harder to find on the internet. CommercialRE offers the "category name" feature as well as our exclusive patented search engine to make it easy for people to find you.

Third, if you start your own web site, chances are you will not have a design department to produce interactive property listings complete with photos, site plans, floor plans, etc. At CommercialRE, we have a complete professional design staff ready to assist you.

And fourth, CommercialRE is a nationally promoted, Commercial Real Estate web site which goes beyond the limitations of an individual web site to give you a national audience.

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