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CommercialRE is a revolutionary way for your Real Estate company and listings to be seen by the world 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

CommercialRE is revolutionary for a number of reasons:

  • First, CommercialRE is an industry web name. Just the same way Real Estate is evaluated by its address, so it is with the web. What's the best Real Estate address on the internet?

  • Second, it provides Real Estate Professionals the ability to have all of their marketing materials available to the public all the time. It has a unique presentation format which allows users to quickly and easily quantify information.

  • Third, only CommercialRE has a patented search engine which can find properties by radius, direction, and/or distance from a city. This patented feature circumvents the browser from having to scroll through endless amounts of irrelevant data.

  • Fourth, it allows Real Estate professionals to ability to lease, on a monthly basis, their own personal company web site. Included with their web site is a FREE web address, "Your Name", and a FREE expandable web page followed by all of your listings, with full color photos, site plans, maps, floor plans, etc.

CommercialRE has two distinct features: searching and presentation.

The presentation feature gives Real Estate Professionals their own personal company website,"YourName". This is probably the most commonly used feature on CommercialRE. When the professional's web address is typed in, it lands the user directly onto the Real Estate Professional's web site, followed by all of their listings in our unique format of photos and text. As you see properties which fit your description, click on that property and it converts to a full color property description with photos, site plans, maps, and any other pertinent information submitted.

This is why you should include your personalized web address on all your marketing material.

Professionals also have the ability to expand and customize their web presence.

Listing professionals can even put property or sell sheets directly on their web page to be downloaded directly by the client and printed from any computer or professional output agency.

Another way CommercialRE can work for you is by a user/browser utilizing our patented search engine to do a property search. To do a property search, the user simply clicks on, or types in the response which corresponds to the user's particular request. Once the last question is answered, our patented search engine will query through our immense database and only bring up properties, which meet the user's criteria. All the listings will be in our exclusive photo text format to acknowledge your valuable time. If one of your listings returns back in that search, the user will then have the ability to view one of your listings. Only CommercialRE is able to find properties using radius, direction and/or distance from any city. This huge benefit circumvents the browser from having to scroll through endless amounts of irrelevant data.

If a user forgets your company name, or is looking for a real estate professional in your area, a user can utilize our patented search engine to execute a search for a real estate professional by radius, direction and/or distance from a city.

In addition to the two main features above, CommercialRE also has a resource section which features a mortgage calculator, an indices section, glossary of terms, space planning, rules of thumb, and much more.

CommercialRE, with our exclusive patented search engine, is simply the most efficient, cost-effective real estate presentation tool. Start putting CommercialRE to work for you today!