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Included with your $15.00 per month presentation fee, you also get a FREE personal web address, and a FREE web page. This feature allows you to give out your personal company web address, which will land users directly on to your personal web page, with your logo and company information, followed by all of your listings.

You can even select a web address to include employees or divisions, ie:"Your Name"/ retail, or industrial, or Jones, or Smith, etc. With this feature users can type in a specific broker name(s) or a category like retail, and the corresponding listings for that person(s) or category will be followed under the company web page

To select a personal web address on CommercialRE fill in the box below.

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If you wish to enter additional subcategories to your personal web address, enter the sub-addressees in the box below, separated by commas only, no spaces. The subcategory feature allows the specific listings to be followed by the subcategory name. For example if Jones was the name, all of Jones's listings would follow your company web page, or if Retail was the name, all of your retail listings would follow your company web page.

For example:"yourName"/ Retail or Commercial or Smith, or Jones etc. You may enter as many subcategories as you like. Separate each subcategory by a comma (e.g. "industrial,retail,commercial").
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The browse button allows you to search for images on your computer. You need to save your CommercialRE homepage image somewhere on your computer to make this feature work.


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