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Web Presence Option

The first, and most highly recommended method of registration would be the web presence option. For only $10.00 per month you get the ability to put a company home page followed by up to four pages of text, pricing, or brochures on the web all the time.

If you already have a company web site, that’s great. Put a link on CommercialRE back to your companies web site. Let our national marketing work for you.

If you don’t have a web site, why bother? Instead of web development companies, designers, hosting companies, backups, etc. for just $10.00 per month we take care of it all.

It’s like leasing a web site, except it has a patented search engine, and all of the national advertising a local company couldn’t possibly justify.

Marketing can be as easy as emailing or faxing your web name;“Your company name” to your target market.

When a user types in your web address:”Your company name” the user instantly lands on your personal company home page. The home page is a graphic which is entirely designed by you and includes whatever content you feel is appropriate

It also allows the Real Estate professional who has service need to search our service database and find you. Each party could email the property link, and both the Real Estate Professional, and Service Provider would have all of the others information on that property.

The web presentation option also gives users complete flexibility to add, modify, and delete content as well.

Click here to sign up for the Web Page Presentation Option.
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